Local Deploying

Ultroid can be deployed anywhere!


Using a VPS is recommended, as running it on a laptop/phone would require it to be switched on 24/7


  • Step 1 : Cloning the repository.
    git clone https://github.com/TeamUltroid/Ultroid.git && cd Ultroid
  • Step 2 : Creating a virtual environment to run the bot.
    virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 venv or python3 -m venv venv
    . ./venv/bin/activate
  • Step 3 : Installing the requirements.
    pip install -U -r requirements.txt
    pip install -U -r resources/startup/optional-requirements.txt

pip3 can also be used, depending upon which version you are having.

  • Step 4 : Get the required variable values.
    Learn more about getting the API_ID, API_HASH and SESSION here.

  • Step 5 : Creating a .env file and filling your vars.
    Go to the .env.sample file. Copy the contents into a text editor.
    Now edit it and fill in your values.
    Read More on how to get all variables.
    Now open a terminal, make sure you are in the cloned repository directory.
    touch .env
    This will open up a text editor within the terminal.
    Now paste the edited file (from the text edior), here.
    CTRL + S
    CTRL + X

  • Step 6 : Run the bot.
    Use bash startup to start the bot.
    You will recieve a message in your LOG_CHANNEL if everything is done right!


Use python3 -m pyUltroid, if you had used pip3 before. You can also use bash startup to run Ultroid.