Ultroid is a pluggable telegram userbot, made in python using Telethon!

Why Ultroid ?#

1. Built From Scratch#

Ultroid has been written from scratch, making it more stable and less of crashes.

2. Better Error Handling#

Error handling been done in the best way possible, such that the bot doesn't crash and stop all of a sudden.

3. Lightweight#

Ultroid has minimal amount of plugins (just the necessary ones) in the main repository, and all the other less-usefull stuff in the addons repository. This facilitates quick deployments and lag free use.

4. Install any plugin#

Ultroid can install any plugin from the most of the other 'userbots' without any issue.

5. Safety First#

Ultroid warns you when you try to install/execute dangerous stuff (people nowadays make plugins to hack user accounts, Ultroid is safe)

6. Multi-Language Support#

Currently We Have 22 Language Support, More will be added Soon ๐Ÿ˜.

7. Many Cool Features#

8. py-Ultroid#

We have managed to pack the core into a pip package, Check it out py-Ultroid.